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A bit rusty on the road rules?......check out this link on the 10 most misunderstood road rules:


Interesting article comparing other countries learner driver's licence requirements.  I think in the ACT we have a good system for enabling learner drivers to get safe on the road, compared to some states and overseas!

Pete McLachlan - our auto instructor received  some positive feedback:

Hi it's Steph. I had a driving lesson today.  I just wanted to say thanks and I really enjoyed being able to get out on the road.  I'm so glad I've switched to Skilltech.

School Zones: Applying consistency across Australia seems like a sensible idea. See the article below:

In Canberra the school zones run from 8am-4pm. This has merit, because drivers know that for most of the day, school zones are active and therefore they don't have to check their watch, or worse still their mobile to find out whether they are in school zone time.

However, NSW drivers who live a short distance across the border from Canberra are used to school zones operating from 8.00am-9.30am and from 2.30pm-4.00pm. So many of them forget that when they drive in Canberra they need to comply most of the day from 8am-4pm.

It would be sensible if the two jurisdictions had the same time zones.

Check out some vague road rules you may need to be aware of, depending on where you drive:

Do you know the road rules when turning left or right into another street?

Did you know that when you turn left or right into another street, the pedestrian who iscrossing that street has right of way? It doesn't matter if there is a formal crossing or not! Check the article below:

Do you know the road rules?  See the link below for some light reading. Remember it is not a defence to say to the friendly policeman - "sorry officer, I didn't know that was the law".

Donations for Motor Neurone Disease Research

Every lesson with Skilltech contributes $1 to the Westmead Medical Research Foundation to support Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research. A key researcher based at Westmead is Dr Steve Vucic who is conducting cutting edge research into MND. See the link below for more information about him:

So please support Skilltech to allow us to support MND research.

The Queensland RACQ is floating the idea that drivers who renew their licence, need to do a re-test of the road rules. See article below:

The cost and logistics for Government to enforce re-testing on renewal of the driver's licence, may be prohibitive, but road rules have changed a lot over the years, so it would be a useful exercise to update drivers on these changes.  I'd expect many drivers would fail the test on the first try, unless they accessed online trial tests before hand.

It will be interesting whether this idea has any legs?

How Many Hours Does a Learner Driver Need to be Safe on the Road?

The article in the link below makes for interesting reading.  It suggests that a minumum of 100-120 hours is required.  It also alludes to the fact that, what a learner driver sees is totally different to what their parents perceive on the road.  A learner tends to look straight ahead, whereas a experienced driver looks ahead, behind and sideways to perceive  upcoming hazards.

I think the ACT Government should be introducing mandatory hours for learners, to ensure that they develop their hazard perception to a higher level.  The article is in the link below:

Do you know what the rules are when negotiating roundabouts.  Watch the video above for more information.

Do you know the road rules regarding locking your car?  See the article below:

This study will be useful in determining the role parents play in developing P plater skills and knowledge. You might want to participate in this ACT study :-)

Do you know the road rules?  Check out this article discussing the 10 most misunderstood road rules!

 ACT Road Safety Action Plan - 2016-2020

The following link to the above Plan makes interesting reading.  Insofar as learner drivers go, it flags an extra 23rd competency under the Logbook System, covering awareness of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.  It also flags more consultative work on a graduated licencing system for young provisional licenced drivers.

Parents teaching their children to drive

Click link below for a great article covering issues of parents teaching their learners. It's important for parents to have a role in teaching their children to drive, but it is also important that they update themselves on the road rules, and newer driving techniques.

Skilltech is very active in encouraging parents to join its driving instructors in the back to get some appreciation of the new road rules and techniques such as gear changing and steering etc. It means parents are on the same page when they go out themselves with their learner, to avoid any conflict in the messages learners receive.

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How old you are based on your reaction time when driving? Click link below:

As a learner driver, it's important to know how to avoid tail-gating

Tailgaiting is a bugbear for most drivers. For example, nose-to-tail accidents on our local Tuggeranong parkway happens frequently. It's a very dangerous habit exhibited by many drivers on our roads.

The Victorian Government is floating the idea of traffic cameras recording tail-gaters. I'm guessing it would add significantly to their coffers if implemented!

But education is even more important. Some of my mates think that two car lengths is all you need when travelling behind a car at 100kph! They should really be applying the 3 second rule instead.  That is, when the car in front passes a landmark like a road sign, start counting One Thousand and One, One Thousand and Two, One Thousand and Three.  If you have arrived at the sign BEFORE  the count of three, then you are too close!

Road Rules worth keeping in mind over the holiday driving season:

It's amazing how many learner drivers and drivers generally, don't know the road rules! Copy the attached article below which gives a summary of some road rules worth remembering during the holiday season and beyond!

Courtesy on the Road. - Just remember, particularly during the holidays, to be courteous on the road. Your good behaviour will have a knock on effect to other drivers, who may feel more inclined themselves to be courteous to others. See more in the article below: 

Learner Drivers Wearing Thongs While Driving - All drivers are best to drive with fitted footwear.  Thongs, slip-ons (without a back strap) and bear feet are not the safest options while driving.  See the link below which covers this issue further:

Young drivers and their understanding of hazards. All drivers on the road need to be aware that young drivers are still developing their hazard perception skills and are more likely to take risks. See link below:

Hope I don’t get caught on one of these pranks!

Merging can be confusing on the roads. - Check out the story in the link below for the answers.

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