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Our driving lesson FAQs

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Have a question that isn’t answered here? Give us a call today, or post a question in the column on the right!

Q: How many driving lessons will I need?

A. On average, it will take 10-15 lessons; this depends on a number of factors:

  • Amount of driver training you have had prior to professional driving lessons.
  • The practice you can do between driving lessons.
  • Your own learning ability – for some, driving comes naturally and for others, coordination of driving tasks can be a challenge.

At a minimum it takes 6 driving lessons using the ACT logbook system.

Q: How long is each driving lesson?

A. Driving lessons are typically 1 hour. We are happy to discuss 2-hour lessons with you if you would like more intensive training or it suits your schedule. Keep in mind that 2-hour lessons can be mentally fatiguing.

Q: I’m a bit nervous, is this ok?

A. No worries. We teach nervous drivers every day. We aim to create a friendly and easy-to-learn environment that puts even the most nervous drivers at ease. Don’t forget that our cars are equipped with dual controls so we are always there to help you out in difficult situations.

It is understandable that most learners are nervous when they start professional driver training. If you have had minimal experience prior to professional driver training, we would normally take you to a suitable car park or quiet street and teach the basics of moving off, stopping smoothly, steering correctly and the correct techniques for changing gears (in a manual car). After a lot of practice of these basic skills we then take you to other traffic situations and consolidate basic driver training.

The key is to teach each skill as a building block to more challenging tasks and to reinforce with plenty of praise so as to build confidence before moving onto more challenging traffic situations.

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Q: How do I get my licence?

You have the choice between the Logbook system via the Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) program or attempting a one-off practical driving test with a Government examiner. In our experience 80 per cent of learners choose the Logbook system. The CBT&A program is a comprehensive system of learning to drive with an accredited driving instructor who will teach and assess 22 driving competencies.

  • Each competency is signed and stamped off by the instructor.
  • Once the Logbook is completed a separate certificate is issued and these two documents are presented by the learner at a Government Shop front or the Dickson Motor Registry.
  • The appropriate fee is then paid and your provisional licence is issued.

The One-off Government driving test is conducted by an independent Government examiner. Tests are conducted at either the Dickson Motor Registry (Challis Street) or from the Government Shop front at Homeworld, Tuggeranong. Learners can choose to attempt the one-off test in their own car or the instructor’s car.

Learners can obtain their Learners Licence at 15 years and 9 months, through the Roadready program conducted within the school system or via the Roadready course conducted by a private provider (Ph: 61090152);

Learners are strongly recommended to engage a professional driving instructor early in their driver training to ensure that they are taught the correct driving techniques which comply with the ACT Government’s driving standards – e.g. using pull/push steering, skipping gears when gearing down, and not using gears to slow the vehicle.

A. Driving skills and techniques have changed over the years, and it is sometimes the case that parents or friends helping to teach a learner driver are teaching techniques, which are contrary to the requirements imposed on learner drivers by the respective traffic authorities.

Skilltech driving instructors have had years of experience (more than 40,000 lessons) to teach learner drivers the correct driving skills and techniques and to ensure they comply with the requirements for safe driving in a strategic way. Such skills not only take into account their ability to drive the car mechanically but, more importantly, will include defensive driving, forward planning, observation skills and hazard perception.

One strategy for allaying the concerns of parents and friends about these new standards, is to encourage them to sit in the back for a driving lesson or two, to not only observe the learner’s performance, but to be on the same page so that they can go away and teach their son or daughter in a more consistent fashion which complies with the new requirements. Canberra driving schools must teach to these standards.

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